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My Father’s Guns (part 1)

©2007, originally published in Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts, Vol. 6, “My Father’s Guns,” by Kara Frye  [Krauze] * Several names (of people not related to my father by blood or marriage) and some physical details have been … Continue reading

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What we want to say—when someone else is grieving

Grief and loss are difficult topics to broach.  Death makes us uncomfortable, often renders our words inadequate.  In recent months, several people in my life have been dealing with the death of an intimate (none by suicide), a child, a … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace’s widow, Karen Green, speaks about his suicide

A full post will be coming soon….  In the meantime, don’t miss this wonderful interview with David Foster Wallace’s widow, artist Karen Green, in The Observer, a major Sunday paper in Britain (“Karen Green: ‘David Foster Wallace’s suicide turned him … Continue reading

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Remembering—who we are

I’ve been dipping into a fascinating book, In Search of Memory, by Eric R. Kandel, winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize.  A particular passage has been sticking in my head in which Kandel addresses “the role of memory and dysfunction … Continue reading

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The legacy of suicide – Mark Madoff redux

I usually save this space for original essays (using tumblr—karakrauze.tumblr.com—for interesting articles, quotes, and tidbits).  But The New York Post, admittedly not my usual go-to paper, recently published a story about Stephanie Madoff that speaks to the legacy of suicide—the … Continue reading

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Breast cancer, mon amour

The other day, about to enter the women’s locker room (a too-irregular occurrence), having dropped off my younger son at preschool, a sign caught my eye: “Coffee Talk”  Support Group for Women with Cancer.  I notice the sign each time … Continue reading

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How Madoff the younger became my kin

When most people see the name Madoff, as I did this morning on the cover of today’s New York Times, they think of fraud and deception, perhaps psychopath comes to mind, the mind then flashing to aging widows cheated out … Continue reading

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