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Addendum: War, suicide, aggression—hope (a gay politician, a veteran, and a president)

When I finally saw the film Milk earlier this summer, afterwards my thoughts kept returning to the stress placed on hope in the story, seemingly in a starkly different context from that of Iraq war veteran Brad Eifert (see my … Continue reading

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“See that my brain”—a suicide note’s mixed message

Dave Duerson, former NFL player for the Chicago Bears and two-time Super Bowl champion, shot himself in the chest in February.  I don’t usually make it to the sports page, so the news reached my radar when his death hit … Continue reading

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How Madoff the younger became my kin

When most people see the name Madoff, as I did this morning on the cover of today’s New York Times, they think of fraud and deception, perhaps psychopath comes to mind, the mind then flashing to aging widows cheated out … Continue reading

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