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This Day (Origami Boxes)

The day feels slow and languid and long and loud and like it is rushing by.  The pressing weight of grief.  Precise and heavy and yet simultaneously diffuse, and everywhere. And, outside, the sun shines. And on the radio: old … Continue reading

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Jam in my purse—and unsticking the novel

Rule number one, never put jam in your purse, even if you think it will come in handy for the Dramamine your son needs in order not to throw up.  When it comes down to it, would you rather have … Continue reading

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How shy are you? – Some thoughts on thoughtfulness

These past weeks I have been mulling over the need for solitude.  Why do we need it?  When do we need it?  Does everyone need it?  What do we even mean by solitude?  What do I mean?  Sometimes we stumble … Continue reading

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When you open a door—night visions with Kafka or Beckett

My older son started a new school in May.  This was a difficult decision, changing schools so late in the year, but one we made quite deliberately in navigating the New York City school system and the emerging needs of … Continue reading

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